Friday, October 20, 2017
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About our Company

As the business landscape continues to change, you may find yourself thinking about how you can start or even maintain a successful small business. The best business advice is often obtained from real folks who've "been there, done that". This is exactly the kind of advice you can expect from our consultants to take your business to a strong position and future growth. Tap into the wisdom of our fellow small business owners, as well as our professional experts who are all part of the Latin Small Business Community and now part of Xentrum.

We at Xentrum recognized that starting new businesses and helping owners of existing small businesses is critical to keeping and creating new jobs to help the growth and strengthen of our communities. This is why we offer workshops, one-on-one seminars and classes on how to start and manage small business. These programs are available to the Utah community.

Why we do it... 

We would like to encourage the entire Utah Community in getting involve on starting and developing new enterprises going hand in hand with us, been certain that we will keep on Providing Knowledge and Sharing Success.. 

Who We Are... 

Xentrum is a Utah based company, that is dedicated to providing others with the tools and expertise necessary to start, expand, and strengthen small businesses. We achieve this through our experienced team of professionals that assist those who have an entrepreneurial vision. Our consultants include a diverse range of professionals with extensive experience in various business fields. 

Our Mission 

Our mission extends beyond the startup of a small business and the organization of it's corporate structure. Our objectives are aimed at accompanying small business owners through their various growth stages and ensuring that they develop a strong foundation that will be critical to the sustainability and success of their business.