Viernes, Octubre 20, 2017
Oficinas Virtuales

What is a Virtual Office?

The Virtual Office has been known for many years by several different terms in the business community, most commonly they have been referred to as Business Identities and Corporate Identities. These programs have been provided by the Executive Suite and Office Business Center industry in response to requests to provide a professional presence in a commercial environment. Generally these programs offer a mailing address, several hours of private office or conference room use per month, telephone answering, and courier and concierge services.

Go into the future. Go and save. Go greener. Go for it all. Go Virtual!

At Xentrum, your business becomes our business. We provide virtual suites, conference rooms, professional mailing addresses, and live receptionist services customized to fit any company’s needs at an affordable price. We also have conferencing equipment in the industry, like wi-fi internet access, LCD screens. We also feature a professional business resources page on our website to assist with any business need – from start-up to existing company.

How can Xentrum Offices help you?

•Reduce your operating costs by 40%
•Project a positive image to your clients
•Comfortable and fun working environments for your employees, providing multiple social networking opportunities
•Xentrum staff work as an extension of your business providing Professional Receptionist Services; Administrative support and Virtual Assistance Programs
•With Xentrum Virtual Office Programs you will have day office and conference room space available
•Flexible office agreements that allow your business to scale up or down with the changing economy
•Innovative communication services and high-speed fiber keeps your company ahead of the technology curve